Mission Statement

Our purpose is to promote the environmental protection of Burnett County's lakes and rivers and its attendant wildlife resources, to share information, projects, results, costs and other ideas for the benefit of the general public, lake districts, lake associations and in general maintain and improve the quality of Burnett County's lakes and rivers.

Next Meeting:
Friday, April 19, 2024, Siren Government Center


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Accomplishments & Objectves

  • Awarded 2011 Chancellor’s Wisconsin Idea Award for impact at local & state levels.
  • Publish and distribute over 3,500 LakeLines newsletters twice a year.
  • Provided leadership in the developement of Burnett County’s 2018 decontamination ordinance.  Offer guidance to lake groups intersted in installing decontamination stations.
  • Coordinated and sponsor educational fourms and sponsor grants for lake organizations.
  • Provide annual scholarship to Burnett CountyLand Services for summer (AIS) Aquatic Invasive Species internships.
  • Develop and distribute Informational brouchures on topics ranging from lake courtesy, lake life, and propler boat and trailer decontamination procedures to avoid the spread of AIS.
  • Provided funding to help defray the cost of a hot water decontamination unit for Burnett County.
  • Education/Sharing/Cooperation to educate riparian owners and the public on issues; provide a vehicle for greater cooperative efforts between owner, users, government agencies and citizens of Burnett County.
  •  Protect our Lakes, Rivers, and wetlands for future generations.